We live in surroundings as human beings wherever we are. That is, we are ever in a certain context economically, culturally and most importantly, physically. The physical environment is made up of natural things like physical features (man-made and natural) and the atmosphere. The atmosphere is made up of several gases, moisture and dust particles. We are in constant need of supply of fresh air indoors and outdoors. The mechanism outdoor is a self-regulating one unlike the indoor one where we are limited to a certain space. This leaves us with the need to constantly replenish the indoor supply of air. This has led to the invention of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to regulate airflows by either supplying air, returning air or exhausting air. Ducts are used to perform these functions. They are tubular in structure and largely made of metal.

Consider having your air ducts cleaned if inside the hard surface there is substantial visible growth of mold, vermin have infested the ducts i.e. insects or rodents in the ducts; and if dust and debris are clogged in the ducts in excessive amounts. Of importance, is that these are just manifestations of a problem in the household. Therefore before cleaning the ducts or retrofitting or replacing them, be sure to address these causes or the problem will likely recur.

Research has shown that one way of increasing the efficiency of the components of the heating and cooling systems is by regularly cleaning them. This will result in a prolonged operating life of the entire HVAC system reduction in the amounts spent on energy and routine maintenance procedures. To make sure that the performance of the overall system is improved, do not clean only the ducts.

Before engaging the services of a top air duct cleaner in Sprindale AR, carry out normal measures of consumer precaution in assessing the competence and reliability of the service provider. A good service provider will not only clean the air duct, but will also offer advice on how to maintain the ducts in good and hygienic conditions. Air duct cleaning encompasses activities around the cleaning of the components in ‘forced air’ systems. i.e, diffusers, heating and cooling coils, fan motor,  grilles,  drip pans-condensate drain pans, and fan housing, and air handling unit housing.


Contamination with dust, debris or pollen could be as a result of poor installation works, maintenance and operational practices. Microbiological growth happens if there is moisture in the system. Growth of molds is especially a huge threat due to the spores that are released by these organisms that have the potential of causing respiratory tract infections. These contaminants are likely to bring about allergic reactions in the occupants of a home if released in the air they breathe in.

Consider the following things when going out to www.healthyairducts.com to hire a duct cleaner:

  1. Possession of a legitimate business license from the relevant governing body.
  2.  The type of cleaning materials they will use
  3. Discourage the use of chemical treatment s or chemical biocides unless you fully understand the consequences
  4.  Check on the responses and reviews by previous customers and make sure that none of them, had problems with the system post cleaning.
  5. Make sure they have sound procedures to protect you, your family and pets from contamination.

Expect the following from the duct cleaner

  • They should open the access ports to facilitate the cleaning of the entire system
  • They should conduct an inspection of the system to check for materials that contain asbestos
  •  During cleaning, they should protect carpet and furnishings
  •  They should use brushes that are well-controlled in addition to a contact vacuum cleaner
  • They should exercise precautionary steps to protect the duct work.

Have a checklist that you have prepared to assess the performance of the duct cleaner and include things such as the following:

  1. Visibility of the surface of the heat exchanger
  2.  Visibility of both sided of the cooling component
  3.  If the blower blades are clean amongst others.

Re-contamination after cleaning is an inherent risk that requires proper management. This is possible by committing oneself to a preventive maintenance program. Make sure that dust does not enter the system by putting in place an efficient air filter and changing the filters regularly. Make sure that ducts are ever dry by repairing promptly any water leaks and pay good attention to the cooling coils.

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